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The Secure Resource Member Xchange - SRMX is a sharing and collaboration enterprise platform hosted by the INTERPORTPOLICE and Morrone 9/11 Center for Counterterrorism and Security. 

Sharing of information is essential; we understand the necessity and importance of working together to make a safer world.  We invite you to join the platform and continue your work.

Individual users are vetted; this site is for government and authority officials; and certain private industry having direct risk, criminal, critical infrastructure and security responsibilities may qualify upon recommendation.  Each user is affored the Homeland Security  ONIST subject workspace; additional subject workspaces are based on invitation from the subject workspace manager.

The SRMX Portal is a secure FedRAMP Certifed system using TLS 256-bit AES Encryption.  It is also compliant with EU GDRP Requirements.  Each member user requires vetting before admittance. Admmitance is at the discrestion of the INTERPORPOLICE.

If your are intrested in joining SRMX Interactive Intelligence Portal please fill out the enrollment form below.  

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